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AST's expertise lies in:

Successful completion of any Technical Documentation task is a potentially hazardous and risky project often over-running, frequently lacking the desired quality and generally costing more than anticipated.

The benefit of working with AST is we can help eliminate these hazards due to our experience and ability to provide the right kind of Technical Author(s) and support services.

All documentation is produced using the software that best suits your requirements. The finished work can be provided in any output format; be it paper or an interactive on-line document for electronic distribution or over the Internet.

AST provides a complete solution for managing all your documentation from design and creation, through to delivery and maintenance.


Technical Authors (TA)


Desktop Publishers (DTP)


Illustrators & Graphic Designers

Pictures are a very effective way of communicating complex information. Our Technical Illustrators and Graphic Artists provide specialist skills and are experienced in working across a wide range of industries and technologies.

AST can provide your entire graphic and illustration needs using any of the industry standard software packages including:

If you need technical illustrations or graphics produced on time and to budget then contact AST to discuss your specific requirements.



AST provides efficient and accurate translation of technical documentation in many languages.

Technical text is particularly difficult to translate accurately. Often the topic needs specialist knowledge before the correct wording can be selected. It is critical to avoid inaccuracies, but also important to be aware of project timescales. Obviously therefore selecting a suitable translator can be very difficult.

Unlike many translation agencies, AST do not claim to be able to translate all material into any language. Each project requires careful consideration and close analysis of the skills (language & technical) required before we will commit to such projects.

Contact AST today to discuss your technical translation requirements.

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